What We Do




Design Marketing Organizations
Constrained resources, limited budgets, locked-in investments, buy vs. build decisions – these are the issues we all face when considering how to optimize marketing spend. MarketOps can help you tackle these issues to create a “marketing machine” tuned to the unique needs of your business. Armed with insights and experience, we work with you to:

  • Define the key components of your marketing value chain
  • Assess current state capabilities
  • Benchmark against leading practices
  • Define core processes
  • Analyze resourcing alternatives: in-house, agency, offshore, technology based
  • Model operating budgets
  • Create position descriptions for key roles
  • Develop a change management program to implement the new organization


Facilitate Marketing Strategy

Ready, fire, aim — if that phrase describes your current marketing activities, maybe it’s time for a review of strategy. Whether you’re looking at a one-off marketing campaign, a multi-channel marketing program, or a year-long brand-building exercise, MarketOps can help you establish concrete, measurable marketing goals that are aligned with your overall business plan.   We’ll work with your team to:

  • Discover underlying business objectives to be met by the program
  • Align program goals with business objectives
  • Design an optimal mix of channels and tactics
  • Establish metrics and KPIs, together with a simple metrics scorecard for stakeholder communication

icon4_smOptimize Marketing Processes

The digital revolution has transformed the business of marketing – but in many organizations, the day-to-day workings of the marketing team have not kept up.  Too often, teams struggle to maintain legacy marketing processes while bolting on new ones.  The result: reduced quality, wasted effort, and even burnout of key team members.

Sometimes a fresh look at processes is needed – and that’s what MarketOps offers. Working closely with your team and their stakeholders, we help you:

  • Document current state of marketing processes – input, effort, output
  • Analyze process gaps that create inefficiency – and recommend ways to fill them
  • Conduct a “stop-doing” analysis to find processes that have outlived their usefulness
  • Define “to-be” processes to achieve the optimal results
  • Document process flows, outcomes and accountabilities
  • Train your team on the new processes to embed them in your business

icon3_smDeploy Marketing Technology

Need technology architecture for a new CRM database? There are many IT consultants who can help you with that. But where MarketOps truly adds value is on the business side of marketing IT.

We work closely with your team to define business requirements for all components of your marketing technology stack – including CRM, email marketing, social media, web content, event management, opportunity & pursuit management, and analytics. Then we act as the interface between your business and tech vendors – helping ensure that the applications you select can work together to deliver the results you need. Our services include:

  • High-level market scan and vendor research
  • Requirements definition and documentation
  • Assessment and ranking of vendor solutions
  • System and implementation partner selection
  • Organizational change management

Capture and Share Core Marketing Content
Where marketing content is concerned, why reinvent the wheel? With a well-defined library of your core marketing content, you can empower your marketing team to produce accurate, up to date collateral, presentations, fact sheets, brochures and other content that support your brand and reinforce your core messages – in all available formats.

Many technology-based solutions are available for marketing content management.   Whichever one you choose, you’ll need an end-to-end inventory and taxonomy of your reusable content to implement successfully. This is where MarketOps can help. We work with your team to:

  • Identify the core pieces of marketing content that need to be maintained – e.g., brand assets and messages, client lists, product descriptions, credentials, case studies, testimonials, core brochure and web copy
  • Map who owns each content item, update frequency, data sources, applications and dependencies
  • Define streamlined update and maintenance processes for each item
  • Determine business requirements for reusing content in print and digital formats
  • Select an application vendor, or build a content hosting solution using your own technical resources

Measure Marketing Results

Digital platforms offer us the tools to achieve marketing’s Holy Grail: the ability to measure and demonstrate how marketing activity drives business results. But creating the elusive “connection to revenue” can be difficult – partly because of the vast variety of possible metrics and KPIs available. In the digital marketing world, we can measure almost anything. The art – and science – is to create a suite of relevant metrics that create insights and inspire action – on the part of your marketing team and their stakeholders.

MarketOps works with your team to design MetricsthatMatter™ — a customized suite of marketing metrics that are relevant to your business. For each metric in your suite, we answer the following questions:

  • What’s the source of the data?
  • Who’s responsible for maintaining the data?
  • How is the metric calculated?
  • What Key Performance Indicators can be derived from the metric?
  • What business questions does the metric answer?
  • What relevant decisions or actions will we take based on the metric?
  • Answering these questions will facilitate the creation of a marketing dashboard – an invaluable tool for aligning your team and stakeholders.